Bespoke Development

We are a small team of experienced software developers based in South Wales with a varied skill set and the capability to provide bespoke applications to meet any of your requirements.

Key Capabilities

Custom Applications

We can build applications to work on pretty much any platform or device; Web Browser, Windows, Apple or Android. Data can be stored on-premise at your own site if required or cloud based and accessible anywhere.

IoT - Internet of Things

Connect anything to the internet and make it "smart" - allowing control of these devices from any anywhere in the world. Examples include Scrolling displays, warning lights (e.g. traffic light indicators), data aquisition etc. The possibilities are endless.

Extend Existing Applications

If you have a key application that is holding you back due to weak functionality, contact us and it's likely we could help you extend the functionality to meet your exact requirements.

Business Intelligence (BI)

We can help transform existing data into useful data, including extracting data from multiple systems where the data is similar, but not the same! - Creating reports and dashboards / charts that make your life easier.

Office Add-Ins / Automation

Plugins can be created for the whole Microsoft Office suite (e.g. Excel and Word) and can do a variety of tasks including automation or linking with API's / Cloud applications.

Website Development

We have the ability to create modern and responsive websites that work across any device, user management and integration with your existing applications is also possible.


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