The Cloud Based Digital Signage and Noticeboard solution for every business - Promote your products, share information, welcome your visitors and much, much more!

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Cloud Based - No Infrasructure Required

All you need is a screen and a display device - We recommend the Amazon Firestick, but there are multiple options available, including using your PC. Additional options listed below.

Display images, videos or a combination

Design your slides using your favourite applications - You can even use Powerpoint and export as either images or maintain the animations and export as a video.

Add a variety of widgets to your display

Want to display a news ticker? We can do that... Overlay your logo? not a problem! Request additional functionality if we dont already have it, If you want to display something we can make it happen.

Easy to Manage & Maintain

Manage all your screens from anywhere in the world, on basically any device (e.g. Phone, Laptop, PC). Not got a clue how to design your presentation? Let us know and we'll happily help you out - we also offer bespoke design solutions if you want it done for you.

Is it suitable for my business?

Suitable For Every Business!

We genuinely believe that digital displays can help every business to get their message across - from sales promotions to employee performance to opening hours and everything in between.

Here's a small list showing just some of the business types we think are a perfect match for our Signage Solution...

And for some inspiration, here are some ideas of what you could display on your screens!...

How much does this cost?

Simple, straight forward pricing that doesn't break the bank.

(just 27p per day, per display device when paid annually).

Monthly Subscription

£10 Month / Per Display Device

Annual Subscription

£100 Annually / Per Display Device

More than 10 devices? Please contact us for volume discounts.

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Hardware Requirements

You'll need a screen and a computer or streaming device, or an all-in-one device that includes both


You can use basically any screen you like providing it has HDMI input - ideally full HD, but it's not a requirement. It can be a PC Monitor or a Television or anything else.

Computer / Streaming Device

Our favourite device is the Amazon Firestick 4k (RRP £49.99) it can be setup within a few minutes and does a great job displaying our Signage automatically every time the screen is switched on.


If you only need a small display, you can use basically any modern mobile phones or tablets, including iPhones and iPads. Feel free to ask us for some advice if you'd like this kind of device. You can also buy All-In-One PC's for small to medium sized displays (e.g. 20-30") or even use a laptop.

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