About ZanyParrot

We are a small team of experienced software developers and solution architects based in South Wales - Over time we have built a variety of solutions to problems we experienced on a day to day basis. Having gone through all of these problems and experienced the pain ourselves, we thought we would share some of our solutions with the world and also offer our services to help support your business with bespoke applications - and from there we have ZanyParrot.com

We enjoy problem solving and coming up with innovative, useful solutions! If we dont have an off-the-shelf solution to your problems, please contact us and we can work with you to build a perfect solution that meets your exact needs.

What Makes Our Products Special?

We take pride in our solutions, they are all carefully thought out and are designed to do a job well while being user friendly

User Friendly

We make our products as easy to use as we can - we understand end users and the frustrations they often experience with software. When they use our software, they'll have a warm fuzzy feeling inside! 😊

Value For Money

We price our products competitively and are significantly cheaper than our competitors (not to mention our products are much better!) Some of our creations are free - give them a try and see how you get on.

Device Friendly

Where our products are to be used on multiple devices, they've been designed to work with as many devices as possible, regardless of size.


Our products are tried and tested in real world environments to iron out as many bugs 🐛 as possible. Give them a try and see for yourself.


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